Case management is a collaborative process between the patients, healthcare and human services providers.  Together, a threefold approach is provided to the patient to ensure that the best healthcare outcomes occur.

Any information provided to the COBRA Agency is considered private and confidential.  This information will not be shared with any other entities without your expressed written permission.  No financial information will be shared.

Participation Requirements - Must Have:

  • A Primary Care Provider
  • Documentation of Sickle Cell Disease diagnosis, e.g., Lab Results
  • Complete Assessment to determine needs
  • Active participation in the customized Plan of Care
  • Follow-up visits, phone calls, and/or text messages with COBRA
  • Participation in Educational and Empowerment Sessions
  • Contact with your COBRA Case Manager as stipulated in your plan

Click Here for PowerPoint - Facts About Sickle Cell Disease

The Sickle Cell Program has two main components:

  • General Services
  • Patient Empowerment Services 


  • Public Awareness
  • Help patients sign in for services
  • Parent/Teacher consultations
  • Testing for trait & disease
  • Community Education Presentations
  • Empowerment assistance for affected and interested individuals
  • ​Counseling for individuals
  • Assist Patients with several Free Sessions of Talk Therapy for Mental, Emotional, Trauma: Loss, Shame, Anxiety, etc. 
  • ​Emergency assistance based on need and available resources


  • All babies are tested at birth in South Carolina for a variety of genetic traits and disorders; Sickle Cell is included
  • Keep counseling appointments for trait and disease.
  • Keep treatment appointments for follow-up disease.

Do you know that two people with sickle cell trait have a 25% chance of having a baby with sickle cell anemia every time a pregnancy occurs?

Partnering for better healthcare outcomes